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Are you boxed in and have nowhere to turn?
Is your human intelligence…your superb ability to solve problems…your self-sufficiency…failing you just when most needed?
Having had the same experience, please let this writer commiserate with you, while at the same time recognizing God’s hand in your life.
You see, we must reach the “end” of ourselves if we are to be disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ. HE tells us so.
Left to our own devices, we would NEVER give up those “qualities” that we believe have been so beneficial in our past experiences. Our pride…our vanity…would never stand still to accept those “blows” to our self sufficiency. Even though we think we have put all that behind us.
The Lord know us all too well, and so…HE puts us into a corner. Traps us. No obvious way out. Even paints that corner…black.
But, there IS a way out. All it involves is our recognizing our all-too-human condition. The admission of our self-failure. Finally KNOWING that we need Him to provide the exit from that blocked off space in which we find ourselves.
HE put us there. Why?
So that we would admit our need for Him in all things. Forcing us to rely totally on Him for release from that tight, choking place that holds us.
Let’s see what happens, the moment that we ask Him to take over…admitting our own failure.
Suddenly…a neon, bright path opens in front of us; outlined with airport-worthy landing lights edging each side of it. At the same time, HE firmly takes our hand, and leads us out of the corner where He had placed us…as He waited for just for this moment to occur.
He leads us to safety.
HIS safety. HIS way. Fulfilling HIS promise to us that HE will never leave us, nor forsake us. (By the way…walking in HIS will makes for many less cornering experiences in our lives.)
Remember the apostle Peter? When he walked on water…going toward Jesus? When did he begin to sink! When he took his eyes off of The Lord. When he began to “take in” the fury of the elements surrounding him.
Such a lesson for us…for we need to look at these scriptural examples and bring them forward into the year 2014, applying them with discernment to the circumstance causing our distress.
The entire Book of life (the Bible) is there for our learning and for teaching us about how The Lord wants to rule our lives.
Our souls are with Him even now….but our bodies still walk the earth as we pilgrims set an example to those around us…giving God the glory for each and every “corner escape” that He provides.
Stand firm. Be still. Let Him run the show. Let Him…lay out His awesome safety net all around us.
It is all encompassing. The holes are too small for us to ever slip through. He promised.
Louise Hudson

References: Deuteronomy, Hebrews, Matthew, 2nd Timothy, Philippians.