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“God so loved the world….God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son…that whoso believeth, believeth in Him….should not perish, should not perish but have everlasting life.

What a moment it must have been. It was still dark outside as the women approached the tomb,.wondering how they would manage to roll the heavy stone away from the entrance to the place where the tortured, dead body of the man who they had worshipped now was lying.
Their surprise…in finding the entrance open..the stone rolled away, and looking in…seeing the body gone! Can you imagine; after watching the horror of His death on the cross, the shock they were going through..the necessary wait until they could tend the body, (for they were observant Jews and could not go to Him on the Sabbath)…how surreal to then see that empty tomb! Then two angels seated at the head and the foot of where the body had lain…ask one of the women why she is weeping..then she turns, and Mary Magdalene sees a “gardener” who also asks her why she is weeping. (Why does she not recognize Him?) When He says her name, she knows that He is her Master…”Rabboni.” She clutches his feet, realizing that the dead body she came to wrap in spices….is alive and standing in front of her! He tells her to turn Him loose, for He has yet to rise and meet His Father.
Mary Magdalene is the first to know…the first to see Him…to touch Him….to hear Him…the first to realize that Jesus Christ had risen from the dead!
(How does a mere human take in and comprehend what is taking place? To go from a state of horror…to sorrow…to the most wondrous miracle that any mortal has ever seen: our Lord and Saviour is alive!)
Death was swallowed up in victory!
(And just as she ran to tell the others…who did not believe her….so must we tell others, ***when led by the Holy Ghost to do so*** about the time so long ago when Jesus Christ died on the cross and was raised from the dead, in order that we might have eternal life with Him. Just like it was played out then, so it is today…they did not believe her…most will not believe us.)
But today is a day to sing and shout. He lives, He lives.
Just as King David danced and sang with joy in front of Ark of the Covenant….so we should be dancing and singing as we acknowledge that our Lord has risen from the dead.
What better way to start the day?!? On this, the Day of Resurrection.

The strife is o’er, the battle won,,,
The victory of life is won…
The song of triumph has begun…
(Arranged from Palestrina, 1591)

Christ is risen, hallelujah….risen our Victorious Head…
Sing His praises, Hallelujah…
Christ is risen from the dead!
(Frederick C. Maker, 1876)

The prophecy is fulfilled. Thank you, Lord Jesus. The blood that you shed on that cross has given us unmerited favor…saving us from eternal damnation and deeming us who believe an eternity spent with you.
Great is thy faithfulness.
Louise Hudson